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Sales Manager (Phoenix, AZ based)



Sales & Business Development
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024
Trainual is looking to bring on a Sales Manager to help lead our exceptional sales team. This role will be at the forefront in hiring, leading, coaching, and managing a dynamic team of inbound sales reps. Our team is full of seasoned powerhouses (it’s not their first rodeo) who are extremely invested in our product and deeply rooted into our culture here at Trainual, so you shouldn’t be worried about them teaching you a thing or two. 😉
You will be helping orchestrate predictable revenue growth by building scalable inbound sales processes to help our reps convert inbound prospects into loyal, paid customers. Some may shy away from such a challenge, but not you - you can’t wait to keep reading and to click “apply”.
So, who are you? You’re not just an educator; you’re a hands-on leader—a doer who isn't afraid to roll up your sleeves and jump into any challenge to support your team. You actively participate in the execution. You lead by example and understand that success is achieved through a combination of strategic guidance and hands-on collaboration.

What you will own & improve:

  • Team Leadership and Development: Fostering a high-performing, improvement-driven sales team & positive culture. You’re a natural coach, team wins are your wins. You’re confident in monitoring metrics and driving productivity by leading with empathy and guidance.
  • Revenue Growth through Scalable Processes: Driving predictable revenue growth by implementing and optimizing scalable sales processes. You have a keen eye and first hand experience on what works and you’re not afraid to refine strategies that can impact team operations, prospect communication, and ultimately convert more leads into paying customers. Tools and automation? Heck yes. Analyzing data to move quickly and optimize processes? Say less.
  • Hands-On Collaboration and Execution: Lead by example? Practice what you preach? You get it. You’re truly part of the team and you’re willing to actively participate and jump into any challenge. Testing a new tool or script? You’re game to try and see what works for yourself. You’re down to help work through tough customer interactions, help close a deal, collaborate and problem solve – an overall extremely reliable resource for your team.

What you already know:

  • Leadership experience: Previous experience in leading teams, managing performance, developing training resources, and fostering a positive team culture.
  • Sales experience: As a successful sales leader, at some point you started as the sales rep, and experienced the ebbs and flows of wins and challenges yourself - an essential perspective.
  • Evident communicative and problem-solving skills: Possess strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively communicate with team members, clients, and executive stakeholders. You thrive in fast-paced environments, adapt quickly, think critically, solve problems, and emanate confidence in your decision-making.

How success is measured:

  • Team Performance: Achieve a noticeable improvement in team performance metrics. Indicators: Increase in lead conversion rates & overall MRR sold by team and increase productivity per team member.
  • Revenue Growth: Contribute to significant revenue growth through inbound sales. Indicators: Meet or exceed revenue targets set for the inbound sales team, successfully manage capacity, and implement strategies that contribute to the scalability of revenue generation.
  • Team Development: Demonstrate the successful development and overall sentiment of the sales team. Indicators: High team morale and positive team culture, supporting well-rounded feedback/communication loops, skill improvement, and professional growth among team members.
  • Process Optimization: Implement streamlined and optimized sales processes. Indicators: Successful rollout and implementation of new processes to enhance lead management and data-driven insights leading to achieving higher revenue targets.
  • Hands-On Collaboration: Demonstrate active hands-on collaboration and participation in sales activities. Indicators: Regular support/participation in customer interactions and deal closings, proactive problem-solving, a demonstrated ability to address challenges, and seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams.
About the Team:
You’ll be reporting directly to our incredible Director of Sales, Sara Beech. You’ll work closely with our other Sales Manager, AKA - your partner-in-crime, Ryan Burhans and the two of you will split leadership of 10 (and growing!) Account Executives.
Our leadership team loves to collaborate! This role is hybrid with an in-office expectation of 2 days a week.
The base salary for this role is $100k with $120k total OTE (uncapped).